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Successful Bidding Strategies

Students will learn the best methods for properly pricing construction projects. Learn how to get the best prices from your subs and material suppliers. Discover new techniques for finding the most profitable jobs for your operation. Learn how to give your competition the low profit work and get the high profit jobs yourself. The tools you will take away from this course will immediately raise the profitability of your future jobs.

This course will provide you and your team with clear, concise methods and guidelines for bidding projects of all sizes. Your estimators and staff will learn what they need to know at each step of the bidding process. The advanced techniques covered in this course will inform attendees of how to pick the best jobs and which bidding process to apply. When should you shop for better prices? When should you turn down an opportunity to bid? How do you know what the competition is doing? All of these questions and more are answered in this course.

  • The changing construction market       
  • Major growth areas for contractors
  • Specialization versus diversification
  • Anticipating increased business costs
  • Achieving success in competitive markets
  • Improving bottom-line results
  • How to structure an estimating system for your type of construction
  • Correcting the causes of estimate errors
  • Negotiating favorable subcontractor prices
  • How to eliminate 90% of hidden costs
  • Picking the work which creates risk
  • Covering the risk by proper pricing
  • Determining your company’s project ability
  • Ways to profit highly on small projects
  • How much to reduce your price to get the big job
  • Accurately predicting your competitor’s bid
  • Probability charts and graphs
  • Developing a complete bidding system that works

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