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Improving Jobsite Productivity

Students who attend this program will learn the best methods for achieving real gains in productivity on their jobsites. Learn how projects are completed in 10%, 20% or even 30% less time with the same amount of labor!

This course was developed using principles of advanced learning developed by a team of researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It is about "working smarter, not harder". The course focuses on the underlying reasons poor productivity exists in the construction industry. A key part of the course is developing a clear understanding of the actual costs of unproductivity on the job site. Students are asked to take the principles learned and develop an action plan in class, for use on return to their projects. The timely principles addressed will benefit contractors no matter whether they do 100% of their work with their own labor forces, or sub out 100%! The course goal is increasing productivity without sacrificing safety and quality.

  • Working smarter not harder
  • Who is to blame for productivity problems?
  • What does lost time cost your firm?
  • How productive is your company?
  • Why productivity matters
  • Understanding human motivation
  • 10 common motivators
  • 8 common demotivators
  • The Arid Productivity Study
  • 17 productivity killers
  • 8 productivity boosters
  • Overtime and productivity
  • Temperature & humidity versus productivity
  • Building height and productivity
  • Role of management training
  • Goal setting
  • Non-financial incentives
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Worker participation & involvement
  • 11 best practices for productivity
  • Action plan for Monday

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