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Blueprint Reading

Construction field personnel and office employees can increase their efficiency and reduce avoidable errors by being able to thoroughly read and understand construction blueprints and drawings. Students taking this course will learn to more effectively read and understand construction blueprints. Students will learn where to look, how to visualize what a drawing is showing, where to find other views—such as sections and details—and ways to speed up comprehension. 

This course can be customized to focus on civil blueprints, residential blueprints, and/or commercial blueprints. Students will leave this course properly trained in how to thoroughly read and understand construction blueprints.

  • Introduction to Print Reading
  • Reading and Visualizing a Drawing
  • Theory of Orthographic Projection
  • Alphabet of Lines
  • Architectural Symbols (Construction Materials)
  • Architectural Abbreviations (Terminology)
  • Reading the Architect’s Scale
  • Reading the Engineer’s Scale
  • Converting Feet and Inches to Decimals of a Foot
  • Written Information on Plans
  • Construction Math: Part One
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Area Formulas
  • Other Useful Formulas
  • Scanning the Plans: Dimensions, Symbols, Abbreviations and Schedules
  • Sample Floor Plan
  • Sample Foundation Plan
  • Sample Elevations
  • Sample Roof Framing Plan
  • Sample Wall Section (Frame Structure)
  • Sample Wall Section (Concrete Block Structure)
  • Sample Wall Section (Concrete Block Structure at window opening)
  • Practice Exercises

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