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Winning Negotiating Strategies

What You Will Learn

Negotiating permeates all levels of the construction industry. From foremen or field superintendents initiating a potential small plan change to teams of estimators/project managers and owner’s representatives grinding out enormous design build contracts, success in negotiating determines profitability.

Whether buyer or seller, subcontractor or GC, supplier or purchaser, reach better, longer-lasting agreements that more effectively meet your objectives while leaving all parties satisfied.

This course utilizes hands-on participation in construction -specific negotiation scenarios from both the buyer and provider sides. Students will not only learn the best negotiation techniques available; they will practice these skills throughout the class.

The curriculum covers many real-life construction industry examples, including contracts, subcontracts, change orders, purchasing, etc. Improved skills in the art of negotiating will have a positive effect at each level of the company’s organization.

This seminar develops the skills necessary to effectively practice the art of negotiating. Attendees will leave class ready to put these skills to use immediately.

Who Should Take This Course 

• Company Owners
• Project Managers
• Future Project Managers
• Experienced Superintendents
• Estimators
• Project Owners and Developers

 Class size is limited to 18 registrants.

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  • Why negotiating must result in both parties winning
    - If one leaves with an attitude of losing, both have lost
    - Methods to achieve win/win
  • How to reduce Money Left on the Table “MLOTT”
    - Most contractors’ largest contributor to profit or loss
    - Quantify MLOTT by planning negotiations
    - How to minimize MLOTT
  • Switch tactic from price to value
  • Creating favorable opening positions offers
    - Ways to establish who goes first
    - Justifying your initial position
    - Always leave yourself room
  • How to collect information without showing your hand
  • Probes that produce results
  • What’s important to the other side
  • Establishing power in your position
    - The strong succeed
    - Find and use your strengths
  • Learn to grant concessions, not compromise
    - Always get something in return
    - Controlling increments is one key to successful negotiating
    - Maintain a slow pace
  • When to “split the difference”
  • Broaden scope to increase success
    - How to achieve longer, larger agreements
    - Find business arrangements that are peripheral to the contract
  • Changing competitive negotiations to cooperative
    - How cost breakdowns favor buyers
    - Include personal and organizational concerns
  • How to use emotional outbursts to your benefit
    - Emotional outbursts are and should be for show
    - When should emotions be utilized
    - Understanding the other party’s display in emotion
  • How and when to walk away from the deal
    - Always statge your exit
    - Provide positions to renegotiate
    - No agreement is a lose/lose
  • Managing difficult situations
    - Ultimatums are position restatements
    - Replacing difficult negotiators
    - Deadlines can help you
  • Easy ways to get a little more

Course dates (Course times are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm):

Miami (Doral), FL

  • August 12-13, 2021

CEI Training Center | 7955 NW 12th St, Ste. 203 | Doral, FL 33126 | (800) 423-7058  

“This was the best course that I have taken in a while. I learned more than I can list.”
George Stish
CMS, Inc.

“This Class was very informational and it opened my mind on how to deal outside of the box.”
James Daugherty

“Excellent class that will save my company money.”
Matthew Stewart
Carolina Roofing Solutions, Inc


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