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Deluxe Blueprint Reading

Students taking this course will learn to completely read and understand residential blueprints, light commercial blueprints, and civil blueprints for earthwork, underground utilities, and roadwork and paving. This home study course covers architectural, structural, mechanical, engineering and electrical drawings used in construction projects. Students will learn where to look, how to visualize what a drawing is showing, where to find other views—such as sections and details—and ways to speed up comprehension. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to read and thoroughly understand blueprints. The deluxe blueprint reading homestudy program includes the residential/light commercial blueprint reading course and the civil blueprint reading course, plus additional reference materials. 

The course includes the text Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction, with sample blueprints and specifications for five different projects, including a single-family residence, a multifamily dwelling, a commercial office building, and a Wendy’s restaurant. Two instructional videos and the answers to all quizzes and tests in the coursebook are included. Additionally, the course includes the revised 496-page Excavation and Grading Handbook, a set of engineering blueprints, an instructional video covering civil blueprint reading, and two reference books, Estimating Earthwork Quantities and Earthmoving Equipment Production Rates & Costs. As an added bonus, the practical construction math homestudy course is also included in this program.

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Additional Information

Program Includes:

• Residential/Light Commercial Blueprint Reading Home Study Course
• Civil Blueprint Reading Home Study Course
• Estimating Earthwork Quantities
• Earthmoving Equipment Production Rates and Costs
• Practical Construction Math Home Study Course

Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction. This highly acclaimed text/workbook presents information applicable to the carpentry, electrical, mechanical, and general building trades, and provides authentic printreading experiences using contemporary prints. Single and multifamily dwellings, plus mixed-use and light commercial project plans are covered in the book. Specifications describing the building components and construction procedures are also included for two of the projects, the Brick-Veneer Residence and the Wendy's Restaurant.

Excavation & Grading Handbook, Revised. This is a trusted reference book designed to keep excavation contractors, operating engineers and those learning the trade current with state-of-the-art equipment usage and the most efficient excavating and grading techniques. It is filled with hundreds of tips, pictures and diagrams and tables every excavation contractor can use. This 512-page book teaches readers how to read topographical maps, set crows feet, install water drain and sewer pipes, lay or remove asphaltic concrete, use a laser level, cut drainage channels, and use GPS and sonar for absolute precision.

Estimating Earthwork Quantities. This unique 223-page book simplifies estimating cut and fill for the excavation contractor. The author, Daniel Atcheson, was a senior instructor at Construction Estimating Institute and draws upon over 30 years of construction experience as he presents a practical, systematic approach to estimating even the most complex earthwork projects. 

Earthmoving Equipment Production Rates & Costs. This comprehensive 489-page text teaches how to more accurately assess what machinery is best to use for any given job. It will also teach you how long equipment will be required and how much it will cost to move each cubic yard of earth. Equipment production rates, hourly costs, and unit production costs are covered in detail. 

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